The Band

Will Cotter - Bon and Brian

Will Cotter was born with vocal chords forged from broken whiskey bottle glass and guitar strings. Once AC/DC was thrown into the mix, he knew how and where to release the unrelenting high-pitched energy. And when the Illegitimate AC/DC was formed, he became an unstoppable vocal force.


Bob Taylor - Angus

Bob T. Has been playing guitar since the early 80’s. Playing in several original metal bands and also in his spare time moonlighting in Metallica and Slayer tribute acts. He plays many styles from traditional to modern guitar styles. And he is most proficient in the key of ‘A’ and something like ‘E’. Most recently Mr. T developed an AC/DC Tribute band called High Voltage. This was the precursor to the current Illegitimate AC/DC super duper group.
Turn ons:
Coffee Nor’
Easter’ Porter
Intelligent women
Hard driving rock and roll

Turn offs:


Jeffro Hunter - Malcolm

Jeffro's story starts with his mom waking up hungover in a strangers bed in Scotland, who went by the name "Mr. Young". After "Mr. Young" received the news that he had impregnated Jeffro's mother, he hastily left Scotland with his wife and kids destined for Australia. Jeffro's mom soon realized that her bastard son possessed uncanny musical skills on guitar. Jeffro would later go on to meet his Illegitimate brother Bob at a group therapy session where he learned that they shared the same father. Bob also possessed mad guitar skills and suffered from hyper activity.


Rob Toto - Occassional Malcolm


James Marshall Berry - Cliff Williams

James Marshall Berry is a veteran of the north bay metal scene in the '80s, toured in a regional Southern Rock act in the '90s and has been in classic rock cover bands since then. Fluent on bass or guitar, he provides the pounding rhythm that signifies that AC/DC style bass that pounds right through you.


Rick Durocher - Phil Rudd

Born a illegitimate. I quickly turned to loud rockin' music. While listening to loud ROCKN music I loved to smash things. Tackle trees and crush anything I could find along the way. After many years of this I channeled most of My path of Destruction to My Drums. earning myself the name “Da Crusher”. I find myself today, very fortunate to be in the talented and Rocking Illegitimate AC/DC. I play with Heart, passion, and a crushing style of my own. Hope to see ya rocking out at a show soon!!